Specific feature of our program is the fact that acquiring of knowledge begins from the very beginning, not depending on qualification of graduate – drawing of straight lines and pieces. It’s made in order to control quality of training during whole course. School specialization points out the necessity of such approach, because the mastery of portrait technique requires deeper knowledge of artistic literacy foundation.
Basic principles of teaching consist in strict sequence of material feed. It means that only when the person copes with the line, he can start with pieces drawing, from still life – to landscape and interior, from figure – to portrait. Report exhibition showed the efficiency of such method, having demonstrated excellent results of all students during half-year course.

Program consists of the following:
– First year: Drawing, painting basis; still-life
– Second year: Interior, man’s figure, landscape, plain-air
– Third year: Portrait, sculpture (bust), plain-air
Graduating the school, except diploma, you acquire the opportunity to attend the seminars, go to school plain-air, attend the additional specialization courses.